What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. It’s typically made from the acid-form of CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) by drying out the plant matter and applying heat to it. This transforms CBGA into THCA before finally turning into THC when it’s burned. While not psychoactive on its own, CBG gummies converts to both CBG and CBC through decarboxylation [1].

In addition, other studies point out that “in some cannabis varieties [CBG] may be the only constituent which is not getting you high.” [2] In layman’s terms: there are many different types of cannabis with each having a unique effect on the human mind and body. Since CBG isn’t psychoactive, it can be used to create different types of cannabis with unique effects.

Cannabis has long been used by humans for its medicinal purposes dating back thousands of years. However, it’s only in recent times that we’ve begun to understand just how amazing this plant really is. It contains over 60 cannabinoids in total [3], each having a unique effect on your health when ingested into the body – these include THC, CBC, CBG, etc. Although the main focus has been placed upon CBG oil due to its medicinal benefits when combined with FDA-approved drugs like epilepsy treatment Epidiolex [4] and cancer treatments like GW Pharmaceutical’s [5].

It’s important to note that not all CBG oils are the same. There are multiple factors that affect their medicinal potency including: growing conditions (e.g. soil, water sources), extraction method (e.g solvent-free, CO2), cannabinoid profile (amount of CBC vs CBG vs THC), and quality control through testing before it reaches your hands [6]. If you’re interested in learning more about CBG oil, be sure to check out our article on what is CBG oil?

Is CBG Effective in Medicinal Use?

Despite being non-psychoactive in its raw form, studies have shown that CBG has an effect on many different mammals ranging from mice to monkeys. In a study conducted in 2005, researchers discovered that CBG was a very effective antioxidant [7]. You can read more about the medicinal benefits of antioxidants in our article here.

In another study from 2010, when CBG was given intravenously to rats it had a positive effect on the respiratory rate. In fact, it offset the breathing decrease induced by THC [8]. These studies demonstrate that while CBG itself may not be psychoactive, it does have an impact on how your brain and body work under high levels of stress.

While these studies have been done primarily with rodents – it shows promise for humans as well! CBG oil has been proven effective in treating epilepsy among other diseases and disorders because this cannabinoid acts as an antidepressant [9]. There are countless other medicinal benefits that CBG oil has to offer which you can learn more about here.

How Can I Take CBG?

Currently, there isn’t much information available on the amount of CBG necessary for humans to ingest in order to see positive effects. However, while conducting research for this article we found many people interested in gaining access to the raw cannabinoid itself – not just CBG oils or edibles. Our favorite product that allows you to consume CBG directly is from a company called Endoca [10]. You can use our discount code ‘FAN’ at checkout when buying their CBG hemp oil drops (250mg) here. Thank you!