What Are The Consequences Of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  • 27/10/2021
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Wisdom teeth removal has some advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages, which is why your wisdom teeth extraction will be indicated.

The first advantage is the elimination of pain in cases where the tooth is half in-half out and cannot continue to come out due to its position. This circumstance gives rise to a pathology known as pericoronitis that causes inflammation and pain, and that is only definitively solved with the extraction of the tooth. This already offers a compelling reason for the patient to decide to have their wisdom tooth removed.

The risk of future tooth decay or infection in the wisdom tooth or neighboring teeth is eliminated. The position of the wisdom teeth makes proper hygiene difficult, which is why dirt is retained that can lead to cavities or bone loss in the wisdom tooth itself or, what is more serious, in the neighboring tooth.

The risk of the affordable wisdom teeth removal developing cysts or causing resorption of the roots of the neighboring tooth is eliminated. Included teeth, such as wisdom teeth, can lead to cysts and resorption of teeth that are in the mouth. It is therefore indicated to remove them, or if there is any reason not to do so, they should be controlled with annual X-rays at a trusted dental clinic.

Another important reason for removing a wisdom tooth is the fact that it prevents its poor growth from causing a deviation in the rest of the teeth. Therefore, it is not only acting on that wisdom tooth, but on the health of the entire mouth in general.

These advantages explain that in many cases extraction is the best decision that can be made. Of course, it is also convenient to know the disadvantages that such a performance has. The main ones refer to the risks of the intervention that, as in any other, exist.


Swelling of the face may occur for a few days. This is no more than a minor annoyance, so we are not talking about a major inconvenience here.

There may also be cases in which the area remains sore for a few days, or mobility and naturalness in chewing does not recover after several days. These discomforts can be uncomfortable.

Lower wisdom teeth extraction surgery is done in the vicinity of the dental nerve, so an error could affect this nerve. These cases must be accurately evaluated using a cone beam computed tomography (3D scanner) and in case of risk it may be decided to perform a coronectomy (deliberately leaving the roots within the bone so as not to approach the nerve).

As you can see, removing wisdom teeth has some consequences, and it is important that the patient is clear about them before undergoing the intervention. Of course, the fact that there are side effects does not mean that, in most cases, extracting them is the best option to restore the patient’s quality of life and to prevent future problems. At innovativedental.com.au dental clinic we are specialists in oral surgery in Valencia. We have a team of professionals wisdom teeth erupt at the service of your dental health.