What Are the Best Supplements for Menopause?

After 40-45 years, a difficult period of the climacteric begins for women – workability decreases, hot flashes, sweating, and irritability appear. If the process goes without complications, menopause supplements for these manifestations can be used. This will help to avoid taking hormonal drugs in the climax.

Do Supplements For Menopause Help?

Extracts from plants, tissues, or animal organs make up for the deficiency of elements necessary for the body. They are used as the best menopause supplements to the general diet of the patient. In the climacteric, there is a lack of estrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Natural additivescontain plant-based substances that are similar in effect to hormones.

In the climax, a woman’s hormonal balance is disturbed: estrogen levels decrease, reproductive function gradually fades. It causes hot flashes, dizziness, insomnia, and other symptoms. The choice of drugs depends on the severity of the climacteric changes. The mild form is stopped by natural supplements for menopause joint pain that make up for the lack of hormones, macro- and micronutrients.

Additives for the climactericare effective only if the woman is physically active, eats properly, and monitors her health. Natural remedies gently eliminate the manifestations of, stimulate the work of the immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems, maintain a good quality of life.

Indications To Use Additives Menopause

Supplements for menopause are used as an additional means of the climax manifestations therapy. Indications for admission are:

  • premature skin aging;
  • decreased libido;
  • the fragility of nails or hair;
  • heat attacks or hot flashes;
  • nervousness, anxiety for no reason;
  • decreased performance;
  • sleep and/or urination disorders;
  • fatigue/apathy;
  • pains in muscles, joints;
  • headaches.

How to Choose Supplements For Menopause

Women should not choose the best menopause supplements on their own. Consultation with a gynecologist and/or endocrinologist will help you choose a remedy to eliminate specific menopause symptoms.

Criteria to choose menopause supplements:

  1. Composition – The best menopause supplements 2020 contain flavonoids. These are plant estrogens, obtained from extracts of soy, cimicifuga, or licorice root. Some women have an intolerance to natural components. This should be considered when choosing additives, as well as the presence of harmful elements.
  2. Orientation – it is better to buy a remedy that is designed to eliminate menopausal syndrome — physical or emotional disorders.
  3. Combination – the content of vitamins and minerals will only enhance the effect of the drug, but it is necessary to pass tests so that there is no overdose of any element.
  4. Cost – taking menopause supplements is necessary for a long time, so calculate the price of the entire course of treatment.
  5. Age – the climax occurs in women at different times. This requires correction by age group.

Top 5 Menopause Supplements

The list of top 5 menopause supplements:

  • NOW Menopause Support;
  • Equelle Hot Flash Relief;
  • MenoEase360;
  • Relizen Menopause Supplement;
  • EstroSense.

The ranking of effective additives for the climaxis based on feedback from patients and doctors. The popularity of media is also taken into account – how often they are advertised. The ratio of price, the result of administration, and the quality of the supplement are also considered a criterion for selection.