Traveling to the Mountain, First Check These 7 Tips

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One of the fun activities to do while on vacation is to go up the mountain. In addition to adrenaline, the beauty at the top of the mountain and the panoramic expanse of the surroundings so there are no two attractions. Before that, consider the following 7 tips first.

1. Learn the location of the mountain to be climbed

One important preparation before climbing a mountain is to study the terrain and location of your destination mountain. Because, each mountain has a different hiking trail.

You can learn the location of the climb from various sources on the internet, sites like detikTravel or ask climbers who have tried it. By knowing the terrain of the trip, you can prepare logistics and stamina appropriately.

2. Exercising before to go to the mountain

Don’t underestimate mountain climbing trips. It takes a good body condition for a traveler to be able to reach its peak. It’s a good idea to do exercise like a jogging. Do exercise regularly, don’t forget to balance your rest time.

3. Provide equipment carefully and precisely

Common equipment that climbers carry is bags, shoes, raincoats, jackets, cooking equipment, light, and etc. If you are camping out on a mountain, don’t forget to bring a mattress, a tent, and don’t forget to bring a buzzbgone when climbing to the top of mountain.

4. Register first

Usually, some mountains have permits that require hikers to fill in their personal data and the duration of the trip. Don’t ignore the place, because the officers there will help you later.

5. Know the supplies and logistics

Food supplies play an important role in mountain climbing. Prepare sufficient food supplies, so you will not lack food or waste unnecessary food.

6. Keep your cellphone well

Before going up the mountain, it helps you turn off the cellphone and put it in plastic to protect it from seepage of water. In addition, put your cellphone in a rolled scarf or in a thick jacket. This serves to keep the phone warm and not wasteful of batteries. Yes, the cold air on the mountain can make the cellphone battery quickly drained.

7. Pray and act politely

Get used, to pray first before starting the mountain climb. Ask God for help and help to look after you during your trip.

When climbing, remind yourself and your friends to stay polite. Try one of your teams not to overdo or speak rudely.

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