Snacking hobbies, these are 4 easy ways to keep your little eating habits healthy

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Many people say that frequent snacking can make our bodies fat. This opinion is not completely wrong, but also not one hundred percent correct. Frequent snacking is not a guarantee that our bodies will become fat, because in fact there are also various types of healthy snacks that are safe for consumption for those of you who are running a diet program.

However, don’t be careless either. You have to know the right way to snack, the timing and portions, and what types of snacks you will consume. This will help maintain a healthy and ideal body weight.

The following are some types of substitute snacks for those of you who really want to snack and stay healthy. Who says snacking can’t be healthy?

1. Replace banana chips with banana fruit

The savory and sweet taste and the crunchy texture make chips a snack that is very difficult for us to refuse. However, it is better if we replace chips with real fruits to reduce calorie levels and bad cholesterol that enter the body.

2. Combine the potato / cassava chips with apples

Apples are indeed a fruit that is highly recommended for consumption when you are on a diet program. Therefore, you can balance your snacks with apples. If you are accustomed to consuming one bowl of chips every day, reduce it to half a bowl, then balance it with an apple.

3. Replace fried with nuts

Fried is the food of a million people. However, apart from calories, the high cholesterol content makes this snack highly discouraged by various health experts.

The solution, you can replace fried foods with nuts as a snack. Be it peanuts, cashews, almonds, soybeans, or pistaschio, all have benefits for your health. You can process it by baking or boiling.

4. Gelatin as a substitute for ice cream and chocolate

Ice cream and chocolate are delicious snacks, but they are also high in calories. If you like snacks with a sweet taste, you can replace them with jelly or homemade jelly. Besides being safer and without preservatives, you can also adjust the sugar levels used.

Apart from jelly, other alternatives such as yogurt or smoothies can also be your favorite snack options. Take it alternately so you don’t feel bored with just one snack choice.

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