Senior Living: Improving Daily Energy

Improving the amount of energy you have in a given day as a senior can make a massive impact on activity. Here are some tips on how to naturally improve that energy and provide a higher quality to the daily routine.

Healthy habits

Sleeping habits have a major impact on the routine of your day. Whether or not you are sleeping well, lowered screen time, or with healthy habits leading up to it will change sleep patterns.

Consistency over quantity- consistency is the most major factor to sleeping habits. Shutting down for the day at around the same time on a consistent basis will improve your chances of having a higher quality sleep habit. Even if it’s only six hours or so, the mere consistency of that habit will leave you feeling better rested, more energetic, and prepared for the day ahead.

Mattress situation – Your mattress is a factor as well. Without a strong or sturdy mattress, your sleep habit will diminish. There’s not much you can do in terms of evening it out without repairing the inside of the mattress, but you can certainly get acquainted with which settings fit your sleep best. Some enjoy more sturdy and firm mattresses, while others enjoy soft mattresses. Take the time to consider how in either case your energy is being affected.

Also, your eating habits will impact your healthy energy.

Eating well – Again, this comes down to routine. If in general you are getting the daily nutrients your body needs, you will have improved energy as well. Even with smaller portions or a lower variety, the consistency of nutrients is what matters. With these, your body is able to function at a higher level and give yourself the ability to push through the latter part of the day.

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