Healthy habits that each parent should teach their kids

Just as parents pass genes to their children, they also pass habits. It is thus essential to ensure that you teach your kids healthy habits right from an early stage and make them aware of these rules’ reasons. A kid who grows up understanding the importance of habits will embrace them gladly. It is also important that you match these habits with what the kids love or their talent. For example, if they are talented in football, you can buy them football accessories as gifts each time they embrace a healthy habit you have been teaching them. To buy quality accessories for them, always use online reviews site such as to check reviews about kids’ football accessories stores. Avoiding the negatively reviewed sites. Below are some healthy habits that you should teach your kids.

Washing hands

It may look simple, but washing hands may what will save your child and the entire family. Today especially when there’s a global Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative to teach your kids how to wash their hand with soap or hand sanitiser. Practising good hygiene will help keep your young one and the entire family free from germs. Instil this healthy habit in your kids by explaining to them the importance of handwashing. Use simple terms that they will not find hard to understand. After you are sure they have understood the importance, enforce all the cases that they are supposed to wash their hands, including after visiting the washroom, after they have blown their nose, after getting back from playing outside and before eating. You should then teach them the techniques they should use to wash their hands. Teach them how to turn on the tap, to pump the soap dispenser and how they should lather their hands. Make sure that they scrub even between their fingers. Help them finish the process by drying and rinsing their hands. Use kind words while teaching them and make it fun. When there’s no access to water, teach them to utilise the hand sanitiser. For example, explain to them, “due to the fact that that it is impossible to get to a sink, we shall utilise a sanitiser to kill the germs on your hands.”

Brushing their teeth

Until your kid is about 8 years, they will always require you to help them clean their teeth appropriately. As you teach them how to brush their teeth, make it a routine for them to brush at least twice a day, in the morning and before retiring to bed. Ensure they understand the steps involved, including; making the toothbrush wet, applying the toothpaste on the brush, squeezing the toothpaste gently, brushing their tongue and teeth gently, and rinsing their mouth with water. If you see the child being hesitant, make it fun by, for example, singing a song while she or he is brushing.

Not skipping breakfast

Coaching your kid a routine of taking regular meals will make it more probable for them to remain with this habit even in their adult years. Help them understand that by taking a healthy breakfast:

  • This keeps their body strong
  • Help to kick start their energy and brain
  • Helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases

Studies have shown that the high quantities of fibre found in most breakfast cereals play a great role in reducing the risk of heart disease. Thus by teaching your child always to take breakfast, you are ensuring that they will always stay healthy.

Develop a reading habit

One of the critical elements that will guarantee success in your child school life is ensuring they have strong reading skills. Research has established that reading helps children develop strong self-esteem, build stronger relationships with their parents and other people, and help them attain success later in their lives. Ensure that you make reading a part of your child’s bedtime and playtime routines. Understand what your child loves and choose books with topics that they love. This will ensure they don’t get bored with reading.

Always be positive

Kids can quickly get discouraged, especially when things fail to go as planned. In such times help them create resilience by showing them how important it is to stay positive.  You can help your children have a positive mindset and have strong self-esteem by teaching them that they are unique, lovable and capable, regardless of the challenges that come along.

In conclusion, most of the routines that we have developed into our adulthood were instilled in our childhood. Inculcating healthy habits to your children is thus important. This article covers some of the healthy habits that you can teach your kids.