CBD or Delta 8, Which Is Better?

Since 2018, when key legislation was passed favoring the hemp industry, an explosion began in the market and continues to this day with no end in sight. These legalization efforts have been a significant boon to the market, opening it up to millions of people across the country. Two of the superstar hemp products that have seen tremendous growth are CBD and Delta 8 THC. However, these two products are pretty different, and there is much confusion about them, what they are for, and their effects. 

Both CBD and Delta-8 THC come from the hemp plant, so they are federally legal. Any CBD products containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC are permitted for production, consumption, and sale. Delta 8 is found in tiny quantities and therefore is refined in the lab to speed up the naturally occurring process. 

CBD, for many people, is used to help calm anxiety and promote healthy sleep. However, studies show that CBD helps with a plethora of conditions and chronic diseases. CBD can make people feel drowsy. Hence, it’s such a great sleep aid, but it does not elicit any psychoactive high. 

CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD are the most popular forms; isolate CBD only contains CBD, while full-spectrum includes several other cannabinoids. 

Delta-8 is the newcomer and has made waves in the past year and has become increasingly popular. The significant difference between CBD and Delta 8 is that Delta-8 does get the end-user “high.” However, the big difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 is that the high eight elicits nowhere near as intense as Delta-9, the cannabinoid found in marijuana. 

Both of these products are helping millions of people across the U.S. for various reasons. However, it is wise for anyone interested in trying to research them and consult their physician. There are numerous stores online that sell these products; one that sells both is the Best Buds CBD Store, which offers delta 8 edibles and CBD edibles. In addition, there are products like clear gummy bears infused with CBD and interesting candies like Delta-8 Nerds Ropes, a favorite of many!