• Video Recording Tricks, Results Like an Expert or a Pro

    Smartphones are our mainstay in capturing important moments in our lives. Therefore, the camera is an important feature for shooting and recording video.

    However, some people cannot operate the camera to record video properly. Thus, the results look amateurish and haphazard.

    Everyone can record videos well if they understand the basics. To look professional and proficient, learn more here!

    1. Do not shoot videos in a vertical position

    Let’s admit it, who has this habit? Usually, we record videos in a vertical position so that they are easy when uploaded on Instagram or WhatsApp Stories.

    Vertical videos do look great on smartphones, but not on other devices. Computer screens, televisions, and website displays have a horizontal alias landscape view.

    So, videos recorded in a vertical position will not look good on other devices. Vertical videos will appear narrow, small, and have a small focal range.

    Therefore, you need to get …

  • How to Use the Features in Kinemaster Pro

    Kinemaster is a kind of mobile application whose goal is to assist Android users in processing or editing a video. The number of smartphone users in today’s globalized world makes everyone prefer practical things, including processing videos. How to use the features in the Kinemaster application itself is quite simple and easy to understand.

    Using the Kinemaster application makes it easy for users to be able to create their own video creation like what they expect. Plus the full features in it make this application very easy to run for everyone. However, before that, we must first understand how to use the features in the Kinemaster application.

    Kinemaster Application Features Make It Easy For Users

    The first time you create a new project, Kinemaster makes it easy for users to select files. This media feature can input photo and video files to then enter the editing process. In fact, all …