7 Ways to improve memory so you don’t…

tenten | 27/09/2020 | 0

Easily forgetting something can be very disruptive to activities, including work. So that this doesn’t keep bothering you, you need to know how to improve your memory.

Whether your memory is strong or not in remembering something depends on the health and vitality of the brain. Well, here are some ways you can improve your memory.

1. Reduce consumption of foods with high sugar content

Do you really like sweet foods? Be careful, this could be one of the reasons you forget easily.

Research shows that there is a diet with artificial sugar that has the potential to decrease brain volume, especially in the area of ​​short-term memory storage.

So, start eating foods that contain sweeteners with lower amounts, or even not at all. Not only can your memory be more awake, your health will also improve.

2. Occasionally do brain gym exercises

As you age, your brain will develop …

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