Benefits of CBG

  • 05/10/2021
  • feni
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Cannabigerol (CBG) is an active chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. This compound is more commonly known as a cannabinoid. Some of the more famous cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. The significant difference between CBD/CBG and THC is that CBD and CBG are not psychoactive and will not give you a high feeling that you will get from THC. Cannabinoids are well known for their positive effects on overall health. There are many ways to use CBG. You can use the oil as a tincture or in CBG capsules. You can swallow the capsules just like you would any pill. You can use a tincture by putting the oil under your tongue. You can use CBG in food, also known as edibles, or drinks. You can use CBG directly on the skin in a lotion or cream. Finally, you can inhale CBG by vaping or smoking it. 

There are many known benefits of CBG. These positive impacts include reducing nausea and inflammation. CBG can impact your mood by reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. It can help improve feelings of depression. CBG can help to relax your muscles which can help you feel relaxed throughout your entire body. Not only does this reduce pain within the body, but it also improves mental health.